Ovia 2019:A MIND TO LEAD...A HEART TO SERVE-Dennis Idahosa

Of a truth, leadership is not about those who lead but about those who are led. It is not about leaders exalting themselves  but about lifting others up.

In our contemporary society it has become imperative that we redefine what leadership mean. We must start to pursue the interest of the people we choose to serve rather than our personal interest.


My name is Hon Dennis Idahosa and i am passionate about my commitment to Ovia Federal Constituency and I am dedicated to its progress.

So i volunteered myself, I present myself to serve your interest.

I volunteered myself to work right alongside with you in order to get to know and care about you.

I volunteered because I wanted to listen to you without being condescending and rushing into judgement. In my desire to build a better Ovia, I will be patient to understand your thoughts and feelings.

Integrity is what drives me because living the right values is what give me credibility and allow you to place your trust in me.

A true representative is forthright with his people. True leaders take the time to communicate often with their people in order to show that their people are valued and important to them. And that's what I am all about. I understand that to represent you, I will be obligated to communicate directly with my people without allowing any void.

Ovians, I volunteered myself to serve because our people need to be inspired rightly. To encourage our people to go all out and make choices of their own. We cannot grow or progress unless we are given the freedom to make choice, to try new things.

Together, with your support, we shall make Ovia Federal Constituency the envy of other constituencies. We shall replicate, here at the grassroot, the laudable achievements of His Excellency, Godwin Obaseki, at the State level.

My grassroot representation will propel our constituency and its people to a much greater and enviable height.

Join me !!! A #BetterOvia is possible and its starts with #Liberation2019.

#VoteDenco4Rep #OviaFederalConstituency

Ovia 2019:A MIND TO LEAD...A HEART TO SERVE-Dennis Idahosa Ovia 2019:A MIND TO LEAD...A HEART TO SERVE-Dennis Idahosa Reviewed by Lauretta on January 21, 2019 Rating: 5

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