Laura Ikeji begs Nigerians after ‘lying’ that she doesn’t repeat clothes (video)

Laura Ikeji has apologized to her followers, after ‘lying’ that she doesn’t repeat clothes in response to a follower’s question. Recall that a follower had asked; “You said you wear new clothes everyday. So my question is what do you do with the clothes you’ve worn? Can I have them?” Laura Ikeji replied by saying “I give em out.”
However in a new video she shared after the backlash she faced, Laura Ikeji who apologized for ‘lying’ she doesn’t repeat clothes, told her followers that no fashion entrepreneur will ever repeats clothes on the gram as it will scare away customers.
 She further disclosed that she has some jeans that have been with her for over 8 years.
 She wrote; Hey guys, y’all know how passionate I am about my work n businesses, this write up here is soooo unfair, my store stocks over 20 different people who bring clothes monthly for us to sell, every time I buy stuff I pay in full cos we have to pay the stockiest monthly of everything sold for them. I have never in my life returned any clothe I’ve taken out to the store, yes I rarely repeat clothes on the gram, every fashion influencer will tell u same. It’s not being boastful, we wear our clothes outside the gram wella and there re things we repeat for sure n very often too, I’ve had jeans for 7 8 years n I repeat them. With statements like these, some customers may actually believe and stop patronizing us and it’s very unfair. Don’t know this person but I’m sure she wrote this after all the nasty comments. Young lady, they lied to u fam. This is me apologizing for making young girls think it isn’t ok to repeat clothes on the gram, U CAN and it’s very cool Infact u can wear one shirt 5 times a week if u style it differently. It wasn’t my intention to make u question how u look on the gram. I should have said off the gram I repeat my clothes a lot. To those who love me, u re the reason I’m doing this video, the heat yesterday was enough to change ur minds so, I say pls don’t listen to them, love u and remain blessed.
Laura Ikeji begs Nigerians after ‘lying’ that she doesn’t repeat clothes (video) Laura Ikeji begs Nigerians after ‘lying’ that she doesn’t repeat clothes (video) Reviewed by Mc Ebisco on February 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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