Education: AAU, Ekpoma Eliminates Sexual Harassment On Campus.(see details)

Despite ongoing public campaigns designed to prevent sexual harassment, this destructive behavior continues to be a widespread issue in many universities across Nigeria.
Sexual harassment can have deep and long lasting effects on those who experience it. People who have been harassed report feeling upset, self-conscious, embarrassed, angry and afraid. Some students who are sexually harassed avoid classes or change their courses in an attempt to prevent repeat incidents.
The most prevalent cases of sexual harassment on Campuses are from lecturers who demand for sex in exchange for marks .
Recent case of OAU Professor who demanded for sex for upgrade of his students marks readily comes to mind when discuss on sexual harassment incidences on campus arises.
This sex for marks scandal is actually a two way operation, while students have complained about sexual harassment and intimidation from lecturers , the lecturers also have complained as well that students have initiated the sex for marks upgrade .
As starling as the discovery may be, the act is not new in tertiary institutions across the country, as some students, particularly female ones, consider the option as the only alternative to securing good grades to enhance their Cumulative Grade Point Average, CGPA, while others could be victims of predators who hide under the cover of lecturer .
These institutions are very much aware of this despicable act but few tend to act on it and prevent ways of such ugly incidences from occurring or repeating itself.
One institution that stands out in recent times on Zero Tolerance on sexual harassment is Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma.
How was this feat achievable bearing in mind the negative perception the institution had on the populace some years back?
A quick interaction with the management of AAU Ekpoma led by Professor I .A Onimawo further explained how this was possible.
Most cases of Sex for marks are induced because of the manual computation of marking of examination papers .Investigations shows that once the lecturer is aware of the low grade of the student  he then initiates the process with the affected student on upgrade of marks, the reverse is the case if it is the students looking for an upgrade.
The Management of AAU Ekpoma In line with the vision of the Vice Chancellor of Ambrose Alli University , Prof. I.A Onimawo with respect to I.C.T designed and implemented the Computer Based Examinations , CBE “PROGRAMME”.
The Computer Based Examinations is simply the writing of test and exams by students electronically and results transmitted electronically too.
It therefore means that once a student writes his or her  test or exams and submits , immediately the results are out for the student to see.
This technological innovation has made it possible not only  to deal a huge blow to sex for marks harassment  but also blocking of lecturers to upgrade scores,this in no small measure has boosted the attendance capability  of students and also their reading capacity has increased,because it is a system of what you put in  is what you reap.
Since the introduction of electronic exams Ambrose Alli University ,Ekpoma is way ahead of Universities In Nigeria in zero tolerance for sexual harassment from lecturers.
Students are now assured of zero intimidation from lustful lecturers or any other form of harassment.
AAU Ekpoma recently launched the AAU RESULT REPOSITORY.
These are some key benefits of the Result Repository.
(1) Final Results with departmental decisions effected (letter grades only) for courses written will be available within 72 hrs to students.
(2) Results on Repository are confidential to students as they log in with their mat no. and self generated. password
(3) Parents/Guardian can monitor their wards performance by requesting from their ward log in details.
(4) The AAU website will become very interactive which will significantly improve the web ranking of AAU.
(5) Serves as an instrument of quality control of results as all results generated on AAU website are generated independently of other processes.
AAU’s effort in eliminating Sex For Marks on campus is indeed laudable and commendable.
Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah Writes in From Benin City.
Education: AAU, Ekpoma Eliminates Sexual Harassment On Campus.(see details) Education: AAU, Ekpoma Eliminates Sexual Harassment On Campus.(see details) Reviewed by Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah on May 14, 2019 Rating: 5

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