They are not Nigerians: Kemi Olunloyo pens open letter to those on global financial crimes list [Video]

Popular Nigerian journalist and internet sensation Kemi Olunloyo has penned a damning open letter to some Nigerians involved in global financial crimes. Her open letter is coming a few days after the US government released a list of 78 Nigerians allegedly involved in internet fraud in the country. Since the list which comprises of mostly Igbo names emerged on the internet, it has sparked series of controversies on Nigerian social media space as many argued that some Nigerians of Igbo extraction were bringing shame to the country over their involvement in global crime. The controversy made #IgboYahooBoys a Twitter trend on Friday as proponents of this argument were later accused of stereotyping the Igbos for tagging them ‘Igbo Yahoo Boys.’ Olunloyo, in a lengthy letter posted on her verified Facebook page on Saturday evening, said those involved in the fraudulent acts are not Nigerians but Biafrans. She wrote: “There is no such thing as Ethnic Segregation. Igbo Nigerians were on the FBI list, they stole globally, they are greedy. They spent other people’s, companies hard earned money and were exposed $75M to $3B. “Here’s one of the suspects dancing at baby shower. It’s the same guy who masterminded the entire operation. I’m an investigative Journalist. This is what caused my problem with Kanayo Nwachukwu in Canada. I discovered a car theft ring and they wanted me to keep quiet about it and not report it as a Journalist ‘because I was a Nigerian’. “Imagine being an innocent Canadian asleep and you see a bunch of Igbo boys stealing your cars overnight and shipping them as Tokunbo to Nigeria. Everyday for the thief, one day for the owner. “I am not calling them Nigerians. Many Igbos call themselves Biafrans. Those Igbos also call Nigeria a zoo. THEY ARE NOT NIGERIANS IN THIS FBI STING. THEY ARE IGBO OR BIAFRANS. When I told @mediaroomhub_ @thisdaystyle I wanted an Imo man from Owerri, I knew what I was saying. They work hard legitimately but studied across the years the lazy fraudulent Igbos were in other cities and states. “We are a tribe driven country. Stop faking it. We can’t pick cabinets unless every tribe is included, we can’t vote or run for office anywhere unless we are indigenes of that tribe. Look at the pregnant woman in this baby shower and the boy picking up money. “Now what will Valentine Iro’s newborn say once he learns his father is serving 30 years? Only reason everyone calls #Kemiolunloyo controversial is because #TruthNeverDies. “The US embassy Dropbox system was ended because of this. Everyone now has to come in for visa renewals. When I told you, people kept calling me fake news Journalist. When CNN’s Stephanie Busari kept asking me stupid questions about my capacities on 20 yrs at CNN, a 17-year-old secondary school student in UK when I entered the Cable News Network in 1994 you were even supporting her foolishness till CNN silenced her. “Instead she was celebrating Obi Okeke of Invictus, an Igbo cyber-criminal celebrated as a Nigerian. BBC Africa and Forbes Africa also celebrated him on Focus on Africa, now the US Feds are everywhere focusing on Lagos and Nigeria as a whole. Shame on the EFCC. “When I needed money after losing my business in 2017, I crowdfunded my medical bills. I did not reach my goal and forced myself back to work slowly. Igbos were the ones who called me “beggar” but never donated. Fundraising is professional begging. For the young people, do that instead of stealing from others. Most of these fraudsters are US citizens. Let them go to federal prison for 30 years. “ __ #IgboYahooBoys International targets #Yorubayahooboys Domestic targets #HausaYahooboys CBN/Bureau de Change targets Written by Dr Kemi Olunloyo August 24th 2019 See video:
They are not Nigerians: Kemi Olunloyo pens open letter to those on global financial crimes list [Video] They are not Nigerians: Kemi Olunloyo pens open letter to those on global financial crimes list [Video] Reviewed by Mc Ebisco on August 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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